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Here’s a fab new website just for you. If you write poetry this is a great opportunity to have your work read by friends, family, teachers and publishers.

We are offering young people under 19-years-old the chance to have their poetry read all over the world by adding it to our website - and the best part is it’s absolutely free!

Get your school involved. Why not talk to your teacher and send in poems written by you and your classmates? We will choose the best school and feature all their work, along with a class photograph of all the contributors, or photographs of your school.

Every young poet chosen to have their work added to our website, can include their photograph and profile telling us about them and why they write poetry.

Whether it’s your first poem or your hundredth we want to hear from you.

You can read the poems and profiles of our chosen young poets below.

Congratulations to our Young Poets of 2015.

Chloe Brand
Jack Evans
Grace Isa Morris
Millie Ellen Watkins
Eleanor Rachel Tovey

Congratulations to our Young Poets of 2014.

Sinead Barry
Olivia Bell
Irfan Chowdhury
Lorelei Drew
Eve Victoria Ellerby
Holly Gooch
Betty Jean Goodall
Jasmine Lily Margalit
Poppy Munro-Scott
Ellie Owton
Luca Pawson
Dina Samin
Rachael Storey

Are You Interested In Writing Poetry?

To be involved all you have to do is email or post three poems, no more than 25 lines (each blank line counts as one line) and 160 words each, a head-and-shoulders photo and a 100 word profile telling us all about yourself and explaining why you write poetry to:

Young Poets, United Press, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB or e-mail with the subject ‘Young Poets’ to info@unitedpress.co.uk.

If you are chosen we will write to you to let you know, so include your full name and postal address.

Closing date is the end of October 2015.

Tristan was delighted to hear that his (first ever) poem had been selected to be published in Homeland.

Visiting their local library Tristan and mum Chrystal, picked up a leaflet for the Local Poem Competition and thought it would be a fun thing to do. With Tristan dictating and his mum transcribing – a budding poet arose.

“Tristan has always been fascinated with the birds and lighthouse in our local village so that was the topic he chose, we are so proud of him,” said Chrystal.

Harry Radcliffe has just been announced as the youngest ever winner of the National Poetry Anthology – the biggest annual free poetry competition in the UK.

“At 17, Harry certainly has a big future,” said Peter Quinn of United Press which runs the competition. “Harry is by far the youngest winner we have ever had,” he said.

Harry was presented with his £1,000 cheque and magnificent trophy at Marlow Library in Buckinghamshire – his local library – by Library Manager Harlene Semmens and Peter Quinn of United Press.

“I’m really proud of this success, it comes as a real surprise,” said Harry a keen poet for many years and also a very active performer on the stage – recently performing in a production of Les Misérables at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School in Marlow where he’s a pupil.

Harry who lives in Bourne End was one of over 10,000 entrants in this annual free competition. Every year the organisers pick 250 regional winners and give them a free copy of the resultant book – the National Poetry Anthology.

All the winners vote for the best poem in the book. Harry was voted this year’s winner and received the cash prize and trophy to keep for life for his poem Smiles In My Eyes.

“It’s the most democratic competition there has ever been because the winner is chosen by his or her fellow poets,” said Peter. “The aim of the competition is to encourage more people to express themselves through poetry and the new competition is already open for entries.”

Send up to three poems (on any subject) up to 25 lines (including blank lines) and 160 words each, by June 30th 2015 to NPA Free Competition at United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London , EC1B 1JB or visit www.unitedpress.co.uk or e-mail your work to info@unitedpress.co.uk or ring 0844 800 9177.

“In my spare time I assist with the tutoring of the younger pupils who also have dyslexia, because I have first-hand knowledge of how difficult it can be to study,” said Harry. Harry’s parents found out that Harry has dyslexia when he was 12 – and they are extremely proud of his achievements.

In addition to encouragement from his parents Harry also receives a tremendous amount of help from his school and in particular Mrs Birkett, his English teacher. “She has given wonderful support to me, we are working on a creative writing extended project. My aim is to get good results then go on to university and my dream is to become a songwriter or scriptwriter,” said Harry.


 You can read Harry’s winning poem below.


If I had the power, at my command,
I would carve you a snowflake, in the palm of my hand.
I would craft you a bed, out of warm desert sands.
But there is no way to show my devotion,
Unless I weave you a dress out of the tides of the ocean.
And by making these things, my love would take form,
And I would give you a diamond, from the ice of a storm.
And if I could forge you a mountain, raise it up from the ground,
Just by raising my arm, without making a sound.
Then from that day, would brush upon your cheeks,
A white-gold earring, from its snow-capped peaks.
But even if I made these of land and sea,
You would be just as beautiful without me,
Because when I look up at the night sky,
Not a star holds a candle to the glint in your eye.
And when I look at the sunrise, and the night is exiled,
There is no such beauty as the last time you smiled.